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Roll to Roll UV Flatbed Printer


Our roll to roll UV flatbed printer is a new printing machine which combined flatbed printer with inkjet printer in one machine, along with all features and advantages of flatbed printer and inkjet printer.


1. Print both rolls and plate materials, efficiently solve the problem of printing rolls and plate materials in one machine, it's mainly used in advertising, photographic studio, decoration and other industries;
2. 4 colors, or 5 colors printing (CMYK+CMYK / CMYK+WWWW)
3. Full range of air-suction function, it is convenient for the transmission of rolls and plate materials.
4. Intelligent infrared heating, which can automatically shut down the heating system while the machine stop printing, very safe and reliable.
5. With advanced servo control system, ensure the accuracy of the printing position and consistency, very long length material can be also transmitted smoothly.
6. Efficient on-line material drying system, fast drying the materials.
7. Perfect design of ink system, ensure the continuity and quality of printing. 
8. High resolution and high speed to satisfy different customers with different orders, realizing the rapid production of the batch, varieties and more personalized.
9. Support a variety of image formats and software, such as JPG/TIFF/AI/EPS/PS.
10. High speed data processing and transmission.
11. Adopt professional RIP, enhance production efficiency greatly. 
12. Adopt advanced band conveyor device and printhead adjustable device; It can adjust the height of cleaning system and carriage at the same time, it could fit all kinds of cloth thickness, Flat board material.
13. Max printing thickness is 50mm.
14. Standard tension rail take-up system, Auto take-up system.
15. Intelligent vertical location in the front and back.
16. Special anti-collision mechanism for carriage, lengthen the lifetime of printhead.

Printer Front-View

Rear view of the printer

◆Resolved the difficulties of printing roll materials and flat material, widely application in advertising printing, photographic studio, decoration industry, etc...
Instead traditional pinch roller axis, absorb the materials during printing, avoid wrinkles and indentations
Adopt advanced conveyor belt platform, avoid stretching due to all tension limited to the feeding & take-out system, printed picture quality is better
Can directly printing all kinds of flat material and roll material
Auto lift capping system
Ink tube free conversion between Cleaning Solution, White ink, and Color ink
◆ Standard scale helps for better positioning
White ink automatic circulation and stirring system

 X Torque Transmission Shaft

Anti-diversion device

Anti-collision system


UV LED CUrving System


Decoration industry, Glass industry, Exhibition industry, Rgid cardboard packaging industry, Leather industry, Printing industry, Furniture industry, Artware industry, etc..

Machine Packing:

Detail Parameters:

Model                                                 UV-180S
Printhead Technology Epson DX5
Quantity 2 Pcs(1440 nozzles*2 PH)
Color 2 * 4 Colors (CMYK); CMYK + WWWW
Resolution 1440dpi / 720dpi
Height to the media Up to 50mm, it can adjust according to different media
Ink Type UV LED Ink
Supply Continuous Ink Supply System, 220ml per ink cartridge
Speed 4PASS 15/30m2/hora
6PASS 9/18m2/hora
8PASS 7/14m2/hora
Drying Type                                                  UV Led Lamp
Media Width                                                   1820mm
Length                                       Unlimited
Applications Rigid sheets: Ceramic, Glass, Metal, Acrylic, PVC board, MDF, Wood, Foam Board, etc...
Flexible media: Film, Leather, Canvas, Wall Paper, Ceiling Paper, Flex Banner, Vinyl, etc...
Weight bearing Nondestructive precision 100KG
Absorption Independent intelligent air suction system with 3 sections controls
Interface High speed USB 2.0/3.0
RIP software Maintop, UltraPRINT, PhotoPRINT
Temp & Humidity Temp18 a 35, humedad 40-80%
Voltage Raing frequency: 50/60Hz; Raining voltage: 220AC(±10%)
Dimension (LxWxH) 3.25 x 0.8 x 1.22 m
Weight N.W: 380KG        G.W: 460KG
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