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At the sign exhibition:
                                                 KJ-3204C Konica512i Printer at the international sign expo

                                          KJ-3204C Konica512i Solvent Printer at the international sign expo

Printer Detail Pictures:

                                                                                   Printer Left View

                                                                                   Printer Right View

                                                                                   Printer Back View

                                                                                   Auto Feeding System

                                                                                   Printer Left Side

                                                                                   Printer Right Side

                                                                                   Panasonic AC Servo Drive

                                                                                   Printer Platform

                                                                                   Printer Pinch Roller Assembly

                                                                                   IGUS Chain & Cable from Germany

                                                                                   Printer Carriage

                                                                                     Ink Purge System

                                                                                   Sub Ink Tanks

                                                                                   4 in 1 Heating Control

                                                                                   Media Detector from Korea

Our Printer Factory:

                                                                             KJ-3204C Assembly Line

                                                                       KJ-3204C Printer Stocks