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Optional Parts:

                                                                    Heavy Duty Auto Take-up System

Printer Detail Pictures:

                                                                   Printer Left View

                                                                   Printer Right View

                                                                   Printer with Additional Take-up System

                                                                   Printer Left View

                                                                             Printer Right View

                                                                   Printer Double Feeding System

                                                                   Ink Supply System

                                                                   4 in 1 Heating System

                                                                 Heavy Duty Feeding System

                                                              IGUS Chain & IGUS Cable from Germany

                                       Metal Carriage Frame+Negative Pressure Ink Supply System

                                                                 Konica1024i Printhead

                                                                   Printhead Capping System

                                                                Large Printing Bed

                                                                          Equipped with LCD Display