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Textile Printer(KJ-6000TX)


1). High resolution and multi-colorful printing directly on different fabrics, widely used in Flag, display banner, curtain, and other home decoration, etc.
2). Environmental friendly, UV resistance, and washable, long life time indoor & outdoor.
3). Digital textile inkjet printer KJ-6000TX direct to different fabrics------ cotton, silk, polyester fabric printer /sublimation paper printer)


1) print on sublimation paper
KJ-6000TX can print on full size sublimation paper, with good tension system and printhead height adjust device, you will feel free out of the scratching trouble the printer can continuously work 24h with no guard.

2) print directly on polyester fabric with sublimation ink
KJ-6000TX can print on polyester material directly, both non-stretch and some stretch fabric.
The double rubber roll can give good driving force to keep the fabric moving smoothly and straightly.
Even we test on stretch fabric, it works good, totally do not need belt machine, the printing result is perfect without any stepping lines.
After printing, you have to use color fixer machine or heat transfer machine to heat, the color is very fine and bright, no pollution will caused by the hot air or vapor compared with other box type direct printer.

3) print directly on cotton or silk
KJ-6000TX also can print directly on cotton (reactive ink) and silk (acid ink ), for these kind fabric, take cotton as example, you have to do pre-treating with related equipment such as the coating; and also
after-treating such as the washing, steaming, drying process.

4) no limit for the fabric type and thickness
KJ-6000TX can print on different materials from thin to thick, from glossy to napped, with the special no-pinch-roller design, it can reach more applications.


l   Color fixer part and media tension system

n Waste heating gas device, balance the heating environment inside fixer body, ensure best color quality.

The fabric sublimation textile printer color fixer adopt far infrared blackbody tube radiation electro thermal heating by intelligent PID temperature control for different kind polyester from 150 to 220 degree;

Auto adjustable unrolling and take up speed control for different fabric, heating and media level moving, emergency stop button for client's easy operation.

n  The sublimation printer part and color fixer part work perfectly in synergism, tension control, feeding and take-up by digital speed controller;

n  High quality feed& take up media motor make the fabric moving smoothly and straightly,  keep good fabric tension during the whole printing process.

Machine Working:

                                                                                    Machine Front-view

                                                                                     Machine Right-view

                                                                                        Machine Lift-view

                                                                                       Machine Back-view

                                                                                      Machine Back-view

                                                                                        Machine Platform


Detailed parameter

Model KJ-6000A KJ-6000B
Printhead Technology The 5th Generation of Micro Piezo Technology
Quantity 1 Pcs(1440 nozzles*1 PH) 2 Pcs(1440 nozzles*2 PH)
Color                                                CMYK (2*4 Colors)
Resolution                                            1440dpi /720dpi /360dpi
Height to media Up 2~5mm from media, it can adjust according to different status
Ink Ink type                                               Sublimation Ink
Ink supply                          Continues ink supply system (1000cc/color)
Speed Standard 16m2/hour 32m2/hour
Quality 12m2/hour 24m2/hour
High Precision 9m2/hour 18m2/hour
Drying Heater                                                    Heating Box
Media Width                                                      1820mm
Type Dacron, Nylon, Polyester (Oxford polyester, stain polyester, knitted polyester, mesh knitted polyester), cotton with polyester, Etc...
Media loading High precision motor feeding
Head Cleaning Auto head cleaning system
Printer Interface High speed USB transmission
Temp and Humidity Temp: 18~29 Degrees, Humidity: 50~80%
Power AC220(±10%) 50Hz, Control System 10A; Heating System 20A
Power Consumption Control system: 1000W; Heating System: 4000W
DimensionLxWxH 3,200 x 1,400 x 1,520 mm
Weight N.W: 380KG   G.W: 450KG
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