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KingJet Solvent Printer (C Series)


  1. Adopt  Konica512/42PL from Konica Minolta (Japan), high, resolution, high stability, long life-span.
  2. Adopt THK rail from Japan, ensure high precision, high speed, high stability.
  3. Adopt Panasonic Servo motor, more fast speed, most stable.
  4. Adopt MEGADYNE belt from Italy, the IGUS Towing Chain and Cable are imported from Germany.
  5. Double drying fan, Double input power (Heating, Vacuum cleaner, drying fan is separately with machine power supply)
  6. New concept of carriage up&down adjustment system, more convenient for printing different thickness of materials.
  7. Computer can put inside the printer body, more safety and save space.
  8. All the doors & covers are easy to open & fixed, very convenient for installation and maintenance.
  9. Can be divided the printer by 2 parts, more safe transportation and save space, one 20" container can load 6 sets of printers, save your money on freight.
  10. With full facilities such as auto media Feeding & Take-up system, Auto ink supply system, Pre & after Heating system, auto cleaning system, printheads heating, media detect, etc..
  11. Individual cleaning and solutions cleaning (can be save more ink, and good for printheads, can be avoid all the ink came to the air tank)
  12. Latest control board technology with double-optical fiber signal transmit ion.
  13. Heavy duty frame to make fast printing more stable.
  14. Can be change to KM512/14PL, Xaar Proton, and  Xaar128 easily.


High resolution outdoor&indoor digital inkjet printer. It has a wide application of fabric printing, decoration printing, present, advertising, signboard, wedding photography etc..


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Our C Series Printer Production Line

Detail Configurations Pictures:

                              Luxury Platform                                                           
Luxury Carriage Frame

Electronic Parts                                                             Ink Supply System

Heavy Auto-Feeding System                                                         All-in-one Packing

Detailed parameter

Table 1: Konica series specs
Model KJ-3204C KJ-3208C
*For other kinds printheads detailed parameter, please contact us.
Printhead Model              KM512/42PL               KM512/42PL
Firing Freq.                  7.6 KHz                   7.6 KHz
Drop Volume                    42PL                    42PL
Number 4*KM512/42pl 8*KM512/42pl
Resolution 180dpi / 360dpi / 720dpi / 1440dpi
Max. Width 1.8m / 2.5m / 3.2m
Ink Type Solvent-based Ink
Color 4 colors 4 colors
Supply System Auto Continuous ink supply
2 Pass 41 82
3 Pass 31 62
4 Pass 21 42
Media Type Frontlit, Backlit, Mesh, Blockout,  Canvas, Wall Paper, Fabrics, Stickers, Tarpaulin, Self-adhesive vinyl, One way vision etc...
Feed-in System Automatically
Take-up System Auto Media take-up & self-adapting tension (Optional)
Image File Format JPEG, BMP, TIFF, EPS, PDF etc.
Cleaning System Auto Anti-clogged Flash Spraying/auto vacuum cleaning system, Separately purge & solution cleaning system,
Heating System Pre-heating, Medium heating,  Post-heating, AUX-heating
Drying System Equipped
Remote Operation Equipped
Interface PCI Card or USB
Rip Software UltraPRINT, PhotoPRINT (Optional)
CPU 1.5(GHz) or faster 32-bit or 64-bit (x64) processor
Memory 1GB or 2GB RAM
Hard Disk 6 GB available hard disk space
Supported operating systems Microsoft Windows 2000 or Windows XP etc.
Power Range 110V/220V, 20A
Operating Environment Humidity 45-75%
Temperature 18-30 ℃
Packing size L*W*H(m) 4.5m*0.75m*1.45m
Weight 600KG
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