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UV-1802 Printer


Use UV Led ink, Adopts 2Pcs of DX5 piezo printing head which is 24.4mm wide and 8 lines of nozzles, every line contains 180 nozzles, with a total of 1440*2=2880 nozzles.

                                                                             UV-1802 Printer Left-view

UV-1802 Printer Right-view

                                               UV-1802 Printer with platform (Optional)


1. Micro piezoelectric printing technology, adopt Epson DX5 printhead With 8*180 nozzles, enabled 1440dpi high print resolution.
2. Waving Printing Technology: The unique two-dimensional intelligent Feather and Wave Feather functions perfectly clear up the BANDING in printing process and enhance the excellent quality.
3. With USB plug and play transmission interface, the transmission speed reaches up to 480M/s
4. VSDT Changeable PL Technology, 3.5PL min and 27 PL max, perfect printing quality
5. Various print modes for you to choose to enjoy the faster and the more high-precision printing quality
6. Equipped with the most advanced intelligent print head cleaning and moisturizing devices, the printer provides safe and convenient print head cleaning and maintaining functions, making operation and maintenance more convenient.
7. Banding Select function for printing. Any parts of your picture can be printed as you please without using the Photoshop.
8. The cleaning Station adopts originally Japanese components, which ensures the stable performance.
9. The original imported pinch roller, the whole bearing, and encoder orientated feeding system, highly improves printing resolution.
10. This printer is equipped with eight 1000ml big cartridges which supply ink for one line nozzle separately, so it ensures output big heavy picture with high speed.
11.  This printer takes lead to launch quick dry ink which can dry immediately after output, moreover hard to return the humidity and viscidity.

At the sign expo:


                                                                       UV-1802 Printer at sign expo

                                                                   UV-1802 Printer
Production Line


ADA Signage

Art & Decoration

Outdoor banner



Commercial Printing

Detailed parameters:

Model UV-1802
Printhead Technology                      The 5th Generation of Micro Piezo Technology
Quantity                               2 Pcs(1440 nozzles*2 PH)
Color                                CMYK (2*4 Colors) or CMYK+WWWW
Resolution                                            1440dpi / 1080dpi / 720dpi
Height to media    Up 2~5mm from media, it can adjust according to different status
Ink Ink type                                                    UV Led Ink
Ink supply                          Continues ink supply system (1000cc/color)
Speed Standard 16m2/hour
Quality 11m2/hour
High Precision 8m2/hour
Drying LED Lamp                                                    Light curing
Media Width                                                      1820mm
Type Roll to roll: Flex banner, Canvas, Vinyl sticker, PET film, PVC film, etc
Sheets: Acrylic, Aluminum, PVC Form board, PP Hollow sheet, etc...
Media loading High precision motor feeding
Head Cleaning Anti-Clogging Flash Function & Auto Capping System
Printer Interface High speed USB transmission
Temp and Humidity Temp: 18~29 Degrees, Humidity: 50~80%
Power AC220(±10%) 50Hz, Control System 10A; Heating System 20A
DimensionLxWxH 3,200 x 710 x 1,350 mm
Weight N.W: 280KG   G.W: 350KG
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